keep your brain healthy
Stress and Depression is a much spoken term these days. Most of the people get into bad tension and stress,

either in their work environment or at family environment. Hectic pressure at work is one of

the major causes for the increased stress related issues and major health problems such as

brain damage. Stress has direct access to the blood sugar levels and mental activities too.

It threats your life literally! Mind it… You need to take promising measures to control stress

through stress reduction methods.

Signs of Stress and Anxiety

The threatening element like stress can intrude into your happy life. Being short-tempered

and behaving frustrated will bring all risk to everyone’s life. Stress is a natural phenomenon,

which should be controlled. The increased work load and pressure at work can lead to excess

utilization of the brain beyond its capability. Busy individuals, desperate to meet deadlines,

are exposed to tension all day long. Stress creates an imbalance in the mind and body of

an individual causing serious health problems. Hence to live hale and healthy, you need to

manage stress through prominent stress reduction methods.

Stress leads to insomnia, the inability to sleep. Sleep is essential for a healthy body. A fair

amount of sleep can rejuvenate an individuals mind. You look fresh and are reprogrammed

to work again. Lack of sleep can lead to lower productivity at work and reduced vitality. There

are three prominent types of insomnia. They are transient, intermittent and chronic insomnia.

They are categorized according to their action.

Stress can lead to hyperglycemia. This condition can lead to a serious blow to your daily

schedule of sleep and self care activities like diet and exercise programs. Stress can rob

off essential sleep and make you more and more fatigued. Stress can lead you to harmful

habits like smoking and alcohol. You may skip your health regimes. These issues make

you unhealthy. Such irregular and harmful habits can shoot up your sugar level in the blood

leading to serious diabetic issues.

Stress is the reaction caused due to some actions. Stress could be observed with some

symptoms and indication when people sense the stress. These indications and symptoms are

categorized into four types such as Behavior, Thoughts, Feelings and Physiology. People will

sense few of them when they are in great stress. Their feelings would be as listed below.

• Feeling scared

• Feeling grumpy

• Feeling nervous

• Feeling petulant

To avoid stress and keep your brain healthy, you need to do regular exercise and ease out

your pressure. Plan a relaxing vacation at least once in a year time and try to spend your

weekends along with your family and friends. Spend enough to ease away the pressure and

keep your mind much relaxed. Your brain should be completely relaxed and even take a deep

breathe to stay healthy without any brain troubles or disorders. Concentrate on things which

you really like than just being pushed on something which you don’t like. In this way, you can

control stress and keep your body and brain healthy.