natural calamities
What would be life in the midst of natural calamities? The answer for this hectic question would

be very remote in the access one’s attitude. Natural calamities could be very unpredictable and also

unpreventable. It would be just a papier-mâché for natural explosion to get the parts of the world

into its tough hands. The creator itself would take away the parts within a wink of a minute.

From the existence of this world, the nature has been indulging in various destructive activities such

as flood, landslides, avalanches, earth quake and Tsunami. These are the major hap hazards of the

existing world to lose its vigor in the fist of nature. One could just see what the nature does to earth

and its elegant parts. There could be no way to stop its ferocity and treacherous plot. The deceitful

mode of nature’s enmity towards earth only arouse at some points whenever it does not get the

required attainment.

Causes Natural Calamities

The devastation of the earthquake would be one such example for the nature’s ferocity. The

following activities of the earthquake would lead to light tremor or shake underneath the earth area

which could be only felt. Even though there might be a larger extent in the science technology has

improved to its apex level, still human beings are in the tight hands of nature.

Man could do anything but not against environment or nature which could be the only cause of

such tremor or earthquake, these quakes would occur not only on the earth surface but also it could

originate from the undersea area. When such quakes occur undersea, they would cause the shore

tidal waves with heavy severity and would even wash away the nearby locations.

Science may sometimes predict the extinction or occurrence of such tidal waves, but there are

no escaping means from diffusing its intensity. The only way of mankind to face such natural

calamities are to take a path away from such occurrences. Hence the aftermath of severe rattles or

earth quakes would lead to heavy damage to both human and their belongings which could be never


On the positive side, every destruction is followed by reconstruction and this is what is deemed as a

continuous process by the intellectuals. There have been many predictions that life will finally come

to an end, but despite the most intense destructions, live prevails on our planet. So, the best way to

look at natural calamities is as a decision by the almighty and to accept it gracefully.