Advantages of Using Natural Sources of Energy

One of the greatest achievements of science is that it has been able to utilize the natural sources of

energy to a great extent. In general, scientific inventions hardly falls in sync with the nature and it is

popularly believed that technological development are being done at the expense of nature but the

success of science in finding out and the utilizing the natural form of energy has proved this belief

wrong to a large extent. Now all that one needs to do it to try to use these natural forms of energy as

much as possible, so that the nature can be preserves without much compromising on our comfort


Simply put, natural source or renewable source of energy are the source of energy that it readily

available in nature and can be used again and again by simple recycling process. For example, if

you have a car, it would need petrol or gasoline as fuel. Both these are not renewable source of

energy, i.e., once you use them they are gone and after that they can not be used any further.

But if you have an solar car, then you did be able to run it by simply recharging your battery

using solar energy (Sun). Now Sun is readily available and therefore, solar energy is a natural or

renewable source of energy. In this way, by using a natural source of energy, you are not only able

to save the non renewable fuels like petrol or gasoline, but by running your car on solar energy, you

can still enjoy the luxury of driving a car. In this way, by simply using a natural source of energy,

you can have a lot of benefits. They can be summed up as:

a) Save Fuel ā€“ By using natural source of energy, you save the non renewable fuel, which you

would have otherwise used in its absence.

b) Control Pollution ā€“ Renewable form of energy like solar energy, wind energy, hydro electric

energy etc. are all natural form of energy and therefore, they do not cause any pollution.

Thus by utilizing them, pollution can be controlled to a great extent.

c) Reduce cost ā€“ It will cost much less to run a solar car or even an electric car, than what it

would cost to run a car on gasoline. Therefore, by using natural forms of energy, cost of

running can be reduced substantially.