Maybe you didn’t know that, but hedgehogs hadn’t been available as pets for a very long time in the past not to mention that in some parts it isn’t at all an option these days to own this animal as a household pet. In order to have this pet, you must know that they are captured in the wilderness in countries such as Africa and Algeria and exported for pet stores. But again exporting these animals is not legal in many parts of the world.

In the meanwhile pygmy hedgehogs have become more popular as pets and for this reason various international pet associations have developed methods of educating people into raising hedgehogs as pets. This is because these animals need to preserve their bloodline in order to be perfectly bred according to their breeding standards.

So, owning a hedgehog as a pet these days is not any more illegal; in fact many championships and contests are organized for having the chance to show off your beloved creature. Due to their cute aspect, these pets are usually presented with all sorts of colourful accessories to increase their appeal throughout the contest. Several prizes are awarded to hedgehog pet owners to glorify the care they show towards these lovely animals.

With these contests you have the chance to meet with breeders from around the world and make connections with all types of pet owners and their way of raising the pets. You have as well the opportunity to exchange opinions related to the way you ensure the proper habitat for the hedgehog pet, agreeing or disagreeing with many pet owners on the cage aspect, the substrate they use and the food types they feed their pet with.

These gatherings are also important because it can help you into taking good care of this pet, given the fact they can experience health problems in the form of Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome – WHS – which is thought of as genetic disease. This condition manifests the same way multiple sclerosis manifests in humans.

Other conditions that hedgehog pets can suffer from are various types of cancer, such as bone cancer. Throughout these contests and gatherings you can establish the bloodline of the hedgehog you plan to own ensuring that genetically it is safe from any of the above mentioned condition. More often than not, those hedgehogs manifesting any of these disorders are kept separately from the healthy lots and are taken care of in different conditions.

An interesting thing to note here: sick hedgehogs carry their disease in a decent way manifesting more bravery than anyone can see in a suffering human being. They learn to carry the disease in a powerful way, a feature that is not commonly met with other animals.