Saving earth
‘Go green’ is the most in thing now a days and it is easy too. There are so many small things that we can do in our daily lives that can help to reduce the greenhouse effect and have less-harmful impact on the surrounding environment.

It is not just our responsibility to but also our privilege to take care of the Earth. Let us see how tiny steps towards making our surroundings better can save our planet.

1. Be careful on how you utilize water. There are little steps that can make a big difference, when you turn off the water tap while you are brushing, you may not realize but you are actually saving a lot of water. Try to wash your cloths in cold water. Drink tap water by replacing bottled water; this will help to minimizing packaging.

2. Turn off the lights whenever you leave your room and remove the plug of an appliance when you are not using it.

3. Try to avoid travelling by car sometimes, maybe twice a week. If you that, you won’t believe but you are actually reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by approximately 1600 pounds a year. Try to do all your errands in a single drive, this will not only save the gas but your time as well.

4. Ride your bike or walk to your work place, school, college or any place. This way you will reduce the emission of harmful gases but also make you fitter. If you are unable to either of the two you can travel by public transport or car-pool.

5. Try to recycle the products. Do you know that throwing a soda can in the right place can reduce pollution? If you are buying something then buy the one which has the least packaging. If a group of 7000 to 8000 people can save and recycle paper and paper material for a complete year then that will amount to 500 cars off the streets.

6. Just imagine how much trash an individual creates in a year. By reducing the quantity of solid trash that is produced in a year, than less land space is getting utilized. Compositing the waste is a very good natural fertilizer as well.

7. Change the tube lights and light bulbs to fluorescent lights because that are compact, lasts 10 times more than the normal bulb and use less energy, almost two third energy is saved. If you are planning to buy new gadgets then try to buy products that have ‘Energy Star’.

8. Keep your car maintained. The cars that have underinflated tires are less fuel efficient and lead to emission of harmful greenhouse gases and increases pollution. The tires also wear faster if they are underinflated.

9. If you drive your car at 6omph or 70mph on the road, you won’t realize but you will actually save a lot of fuel. If you apply brake and accelerate very hard then it will reduce the economy of the fuel.

It does not take a lot of time or effort to bring a change in the daily routine, but it definitely will make a big impact on guarding the Earth and keeping it greener.