Most of the times people do not know how to stay the fittest and healthy, so understanding about the health and wellness of your pet is all the more difficult and confusing.

You must know how to take care of you canine buddy and keep them happy and healthy.

Follow these 7 tips for a complete pet care.

Get your dog regularly examined

You must know that just like you need a regular health checkup you dog too needs a proper health checkup as well. Even your dog can have tooth ache, arthritis or heart problem. In order to prevent these heath issues get your canine checked with the veterinarian.

Spay and Neuter your Pet

There are thousands or pets in every country that end up in a shelter or are roaming in the streets. Some of these dogs have been abandoned, some are homeless and some are lost. You must start spaying and neutering your dog as early as 6 to 8 weeks. Neutering and spaying not only reduces the chances of your dog’s tendency to roam but also reduces the risk of cancer.

Prevent Parasites

The most common parasites found in pets are fleas which can spread on your pets and lead to hair loss, infection, irritability in the skin and hot spots. Fleas are so dangerous that it can- not just bring other sorts of parasites along with them, but can also causing tape worm inside the body of your pet, if your dog swallows a worm by chance.

Maintain a healthy weight

It is seen that many pet in America are either obese or overweight. The results of obesity are same in dogs and cats; even they tend to develop arthritis, cancer and diabetes. Over-feeding the pets leads to overweight and obesity on the other hand keeping them fit and trim leads to adding more years to their life span.

Regular vaccination

Pets need properly timed vaccination which wards off common illnesses like canine hepatitis, rabies, feline leukemia and distemper. But the intervals in which your pet will need a vaccination can only be known when you talk to your vet.
Immunizing your dog depends on many factors like health, lifestyle and age.

Provide your pet with good environment

A healthy environment for the dog is the key to good health in the long-run. All pets require mental stimulation, you can help them to have a balanced health by taking them on a walk, get them toys and window perches. Your pets will not only stay fit but will also not get bored.

Pet Oral Care

Just like humans, pets face oral problems like tooth loss, gum bleeding and tooth pain as well. Regular oral care and brushing will ensure that your pet has healthy and strong teeth. Dental problem is a very common illness in the pets. A dog may start having dental problem by the age of 3years so you must ensure that your pet gets a regular dental care.